Other Services & Information

City Council Meetings

    • City Council meetings are held the 2nd, Tuesday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at the Judicial Complex, 100 S. Melton Ave. City Council meetings are open to the public.


Business Privilege Licenses

  • Business Privilege Licenses can be obtained from the City Clerk/Treasurer in the Municipal Complex, 225 Hwy 463, 483-5355.


Building Permits and Inspections

  • Building permits can be obtained in the Municipal Complex, 225 Hwy 463, 483-5355.  The City Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer office is in the Municipal Complex.


Lawn Maintenance

  • Residents are required to keep their property clean to avoid unsightly and unsanitary conditions. Tall grass/ weeds must be cut. Garbage/rubbish must be removed. Failure to keep property clean will result in fines (City Ordinances 246, 354, 505).