Want more customers and business?  We all know your answer is YES!

There are a number of simple changes you can do that will make a huge difference in how your business is perceived by current and new customers.

Potential new residents, new investors, new builders, and new industries LOOK at a community and make an assessment based on what they SEE.

Some little things you can do to improve your business are:

  1. Pick up.  Look around and if your place is cluttered then straighten it up.

  2. Sweep up.  Make sure the place is clean regardless of the age or condition of the property.  Old doesn’t have to be dirty.

  3. Cut the grass.  Most businesses don’t have much grass, but if you do – nothing looks worse than unkempt grass, weeds in cracks, weeds around curbs at the street or around the building.

  4. Paint.  A fresh coat of paint makes any business look much better.

All of these suggestions take little or no money to implement but will have significant positive impacts on your business.  If we take pride in our businesses it will show – especially to our current and even new customers.