Active Member

Any individual or member of any firm, corporation, or association may subscribe for one or more active memberships, and may nominate an individual to represent each membership. Membership dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Such individual, firm, corporation or association subscribers shall be listed as sustaining members. The privileges of membership shall be enjoyed and exercised only by each individual who is nominated by such individuals, firms, corporations or associations and elected by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall approve or reject the subscription as provided in Article V, Section 1 of these By-Laws.

Honorary Membership

Distinction in public affairs shall confer eligibility of honorary membership, except that of holding office, with exemption from the payments of all fees and dues. Honorary members may be elected by the Board of Directors. A proposal to convey honorary membership may be made in writing to the membership committee by any member of the Chamber. If the membership committee approves such proposal, the name shall be presented in nomination to the Directors with a brief statement of the reason therefore. Three or more negative votes by any members of the Board of Directors shall defeat the nomination. Every election to honorary membership shall be announced to the Chamber at its first meeting thereafter.