The Chamber works with local and regional organizations, such as the Lions Club, the Fine Arts Council, the Trumann Food Pantry, local churches, private foundations, Crowley’s Ridge Development Council, and others to help promote their programs and activities.  The Chamber collaborates with these organizations, nearby communities, the county, state, and federal government to acquire assistance in community enhancement programs and infrastructure.  Most importantly, the Chamber collaborates with the City of Trumann to assist in the achievement and implementation of its long-range plan and initiatives.

 In recent history, the Chamber of Commerce paid 100% of the costs for installing regulation-sized concrete boxes for the disc golf course in Cedar Park.  The Chamber was the organization that encouraged the city to install the disc golf course in the park.

 In 2016 and 2017, the community development project funded by the Chamber was the expansion of electrical boxes around the walking track in the Trumann Recreation Complex on Pecan Grove Road. 

The Chamber championed the concept and was instrumental in advocating for a utility extension under I-555 (completed in December 2016) that serves the western region of our city’s developing business district.

 The Chamber wrote the grant and secured private funding for the construction of the Sims/Talbot Adult Education/Workforce Development Center, completed in 2015.

 The Chamber partnered with the Industrial Development Commission to secure funding for the city’s Detention Pond, completed in 2013 which succeeded in providing flood relief for Mulberry – a 40+ year problem for residents in the Sims Addition.

 Following 5+ years of collaborative efforts led by the Chamber, $4,000,000 from Congress was appropriated for the Memphis District of the Corps of Engineers to make repairs (2016) to the St. Francis River southeast of Trumann.  This initiative restored water control and subsequently provided access to the river for tourists, sportsmen and recreational enthusiasts while improving the region’s economic development.

 As part of its mission, the Chamber will work to develop and promote enhancement projects in the community and region.  We truly are striving to make Trumann a better place to live, work, and play – it is demonstrated through our results.