Other Services & Information

City Council Meetings

    • City Council meetings are held the 2nd, Tuesday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at the Judicial Complex, 100 S. Melton Ave. City Council meetings are open to the public.


Business Privilege Licenses

  • Business Privilege Licenses can be obtained from the City Clerk/Treasurer in the Municipal Complex, 225 Hwy 463, 483-5355.


Building Permits and Inspections

  • Building permits can be obtained in the Municipal Complex, 225 Hwy 463, 483-5355.  The City Inspector is located at the Public Works Building (704 Hwy 463 N) and the Code Enforcement Officer office is in the Municipal Complex (225 Hwy 463 N).


Lawn Maintenance

  • Residents are required to keep their property clean to avoid unsightly and unsanitary conditions. Tall grass/ weeds must be cut. Garbage/rubbish must be removed. Failure to keep properties clean will result in fines (City Ordinances 246, 354, 505).