Find the Duck!  Win $1,000 in prizes!  The Trumann Area Chamber of Commerce again is sponsoring a community scavenger hunt with a grand prize worth $1000.  A special Wood Duck head (crafted in metal) has been designed and created for this event.  Find it and win.  The prize consists of gift certificates from sponsoring businesses or Visa/Master Card gift cards totaling $1,000.
Thanks to our sponsors: Unico Bank, Checkerboard Fine Gifts, Trumann Family Health Center, Traci’s Hair Company, Orscheln Farm & Home, Higginbotham Dental Group, Southern Bancorp, & .  Please patronize these local businesses!
Event dates: Sept. 1 – Oct. 14th, 2017
  Rules to participate:

1.  In order to hunt for the hidden duck head you must be at least 18 years old.
2.  The hidden duck head will be somewhere on City of Trumann property (not private, federal, or state property) – therefore trespassing is not necessary and prohibited.  The duck head is also not hidden on restricted city property – so it is somewhere accessible to everyone in the general public.  You should be able to search for the duck head on publicly accessible city property during regular daytime hours.  That means it may possibly be hidden somewhere that has daytime hours only.  The hidden duck head will not be buried, so digging is not necessary nor allowed.  Climbing is not required to find the duck head.  It is hidden by a 6 foot tall person standing on the ground – so climbing is not necessary and is prohibited.  A “hunter” should be able to find the hidden duck head standing on the ground given he or she is 6 feet tall.  That means it may be hidden up in a tree or on something else above the ground however the person hiding the duck head was not allowed to climb.  We want everyone to be safe!
3.  Clues will be shared at the participating businesses on dates listed below (beginning at 9:00 AM or when they open if later).  You must physically go into the business to get the clues (NO TELEPHONE CALLS).  Businesses will not know their clue until the day (and time) listed below.

                                                                                                               Tacc logo slide 300x212                         

The clue schedule is:
1             Unico Bank – 9/5                                             
2             Southern Bancorp – 9/7                               
3             Higginbotham Dental – 9/11                                                                                
4             Traci’s Hair Company – 9/13
5            Orscheln Farm & Home – 9/15
6             – 9/18
7             Unico Bank – 9/20
8             Southern Bancorp – 9/22
9             Higginbotham Dental – 9/25
10           Traci’s Hair Company – 9/27
11           Orscheln Farm & Home – 9/29
12           Southern Bancorp – 10/2
13           Unico Bank – 10/4
14           Higginbotham Dental – 10/6
15           Traci’s Hair Company – 10/9
16           Orscheln Farm & Home – 10/11
17           Chamber Tent at Duck Festival (extra hints given until found).      

You must go to each business to get the clues.   In order to claim the prize the hunter must present the duck head to the Chamber of Commerce at the reception desk of the Trumann Municipal Complex between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM on or before October 6, 2016 – or at the Chamber of Commerce Tent at the Wild Duck Festival on Oct. 7th or 8th at the Trumann Sports Complex.
Good Luck!
Additional hint:  The stenciled duck head profiles on concrete in our 7 parks was a hint from last year – they have nothing to do with the hunt this year.